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Teen Top’s Niel ‘Anonymously’ Spills His Worries on Radio

Being a superstar and a student at the same time can be rough, and because Teen Top’s Niel needed a shoulder to lean on, he decided to share his worries on live radio. 

On May 31, an anonymous worry was shared on MBC’s A Hopeful Song of the Afternoon, a radio show hosted by Sweet Sorrow. 

The worrisome situation was from a high school senior who wanted to devote his time studying, but also be successful in his other occupation. 

When connected over the phone with Sweet Sorrow, the hosts asked what his name was and Niel humorously replied, “I have the same name as Teen Top’s Niel,” surprising the listeners. 

Being close with Sweet Sorrow, Niel decided to participate in the show and create some laughter. 

After the broadcast, listeners commented, “So was his worry ever solved?” "That′s what happens when you′re a student and an idol," and “He must have been really worried to personally submit that in.” 

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