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Sophie Hatter is cursed by the Witch of the Waste, and turns into an old hag. Ashamed of how she looks, she flees into the hills where a moving castle roams the hills. It is said to belong to the young and handsome wizard Howl, who has a bad reputation.

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lee teamin ♥♥

assalamualaikum and hello :)
kay , today hana mau cita pasal entry kite nie , confirm , korang semua dh tau an :)
ni pls lee taemin , maknae (shinee)
because , 18/7 merupakan befday taemin yg ke20 kot , i'm not sure la baby :)
keke ~ ~
but , i love him caus , die senyum perr ~ ~ cair aq beb , oh'ya , aq nk tau sgt pe la ahli dowang wt pe ye ?mau tau sgt nie ...

kay ar , mau tunjuk pic taemin ar ~ ~ 
ni buktinye yg taemin cute sgt and jgn amik husband aq ye syg ;)

ah tae~ i’ll keep this simple! you’re full of talent, you’re bright as a button and one of the most optimistic people i’ve ever seen. you’re truly one of a kind. i’ve watched you grow for four years now, and you’ve honestly become such a handsome young man. HERE COME THE TEARS. no just kidding~ :3 but i just have so much love and respect for you, you’re amazing.  you make noona proud every day. keep being the cute manly taemin that we all know and love, okay? ^^ 생일축하합니다 이태민! 우리는 사랑해요~ ♥

Pfft, no! I`m not crying, there are just too many Taemins in my eyes OKAY. TT^TT

Message for Taemin's Birthday ^▽^
Taemin-ah, you’re stepping on the age of 20 years. You’re an adult now:) You must be happy, right? But eventough you’ve grown up now, we (Shawols) always treats you as SHINee’s baby maknae :D 
I love you because you’re Lee Taemin. Because you’re dance machine of SHINee. Your dance, your voice, your smile, your laugh, your cuteness, your aegyo, your shyness makes me wanna hug youuuuu, really. For your hyungs must feeling same like me. You must be happy cause you have four hyung who is loves you and always there for you:)
I hope in the future you’ll be more handsome, cute, and beautiful (hahaha). In my eyes you’re still the best maknae that i’ve ever seen.
Love you, Lee Taemin:) once again, Happy Birthday.. Saengil Chukkaeyo ^▽^

how ? handsome and cute right ? that's why are , i love him ><
btw , don't kidnape him okay :)
sorry if my english worse :)

apa2 pon , happy befday taemin oppa , semoga oppa sihat selalu and berusaha untuk taun dpn klau kumpulan oppa comeback ♥♥

I'm always like oppa forever ♥♥

Last picture taemin oppa ♥♥

Shinee _ happy befday ><