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Sophie Hatter is cursed by the Witch of the Waste, and turns into an old hag. Ashamed of how she looks, she flees into the hills where a moving castle roams the hills. It is said to belong to the young and handsome wizard Howl, who has a bad reputation.

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Cursors K-on & naruto

assalamualaikum & hye  :D .. apa kabar semua ^^ * ini amik berat psl kowang , lol --'  *
ermm , ni tiba2 lk nk ksi cursor anime k-on and naruto , kowang mesti tau an , kartoon k-on and naruto  , klau kowang x tau
just diam jew , lol , ni cursor k-on and naruto , campur sekali la yew :D



mcm mne ? kay ? cute ?
ermmm , nie je la yew , lain kli kite ksi ..
klau mau tau mcm mne nk msok cursor ke dlm blog  >> sini <<
klau berkenan amik la , first comment lu bwu blh amik  yew ^^