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Sophie Hatter is cursed by the Witch of the Waste, and turns into an old hag. Ashamed of how she looks, she flees into the hills where a moving castle roams the hills. It is said to belong to the young and handsome wizard Howl, who has a bad reputation.

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Assalamualaikum & Annyeonghaeseyo , today hana ada la hana join contest nie ! but, this first time hana join contest nie..sbb hadiahnya dpt album exo kiss ver ! and hadiahnya nmpk mcm menarik sbb tu hana join !  Hana harap hana dapat la join contest tu ! sbb tu la hana mintak kerjasama korang untk tlg hana nie..hehe >< simple je , just korang kne like gmbar and page yg dianjurkan tu je..simple je kan ? hehe ! hana harap dapat la hana kejar dorang yg dh smpai 200 + tu !! uhukkk :( okay la ~! click  >  Help Me <